Monday, November 16, 2009

A sneak peek:
Here are a few photos of what is heading to the Holiday Family Festival this weekend:

I am trying to stick to a very vintage feel as the general crafters in our area don't usually mix old and new. The show is a bit of a gamble for me I could be the sore thumb sticking out or the booth with something fun, funky and fresh. We shall see!

I have to admit the show carries much less pressure than the day to day shop operations, however I did realize that despite my efforts I can not do it all... I am focusing on the show for now, then I have 2 weeks to focus on the shop to prepare for the Holiday Open House weekend then I can shift gears and concentrate on my family holiday.

Keepin' those creative juices a flowin'

xxx ooo,


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A treat for myself!

This is the cutest little bag ever!!! I adore vintage velvet, in case you were wondering.
It was hand crafted by my friend Maureen, she has a totally cool shop in a neighboring town and the best stash of vintage textiles you have ever seen!

you can check her out at:

Did you ever carry a bag that makes you feel pretty?

Oddly enough sometimes that's all it takes!

A few goodies; fun tags and lucky numbers!

This sign is made out of an old door molding:
(it is sparkly, but hard to see in the photo)

This is the chair and table from the previous post lightened up a bit!

Alive and Kickin'
or at least I think so...
In my infinite wisdom, I signed on for a 2 day show the weekend before Thanksgiving, still continue to work a big girl job in the mornings before opening the shop and am switching out Halloween/fall for the full on holiday experience...
I am weary, a tad bit grouchy, and constantly questioning, "What in the world am I doing?" "Is this worth it?"

If you are a voice of reason and would like to send a little advice my way, I would gladly accept it!

In the mean time a few photos of what's new:

A good stash of sparkle and a few furniture pieces.

I forgot to get an after of the little 3 drawer dresser, it was white shabby and sold quickly!