Monday, November 16, 2009

A sneak peek:
Here are a few photos of what is heading to the Holiday Family Festival this weekend:

I am trying to stick to a very vintage feel as the general crafters in our area don't usually mix old and new. The show is a bit of a gamble for me I could be the sore thumb sticking out or the booth with something fun, funky and fresh. We shall see!

I have to admit the show carries much less pressure than the day to day shop operations, however I did realize that despite my efforts I can not do it all... I am focusing on the show for now, then I have 2 weeks to focus on the shop to prepare for the Holiday Open House weekend then I can shift gears and concentrate on my family holiday.

Keepin' those creative juices a flowin'

xxx ooo,


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Christina said...

I love the jars! You should do great!