Thursday, January 21, 2010

Helloooooooooooooooooo Blogland!
I have allowed myself exactly 3 weeks to skulk, wallow, moan, whine, and carry on about my plight...
The stroke of midnight tonight will officially start 2010, leaving behind unrest and insecurity about my future.
During my 3 week pity party I have been trying to decide if keeping the shop is a good idea.
I have been asking for a sign, a light bulb moment so to speak and I believe with a fair amount of certainty that I received just that this past Tuesday evening.
( I will preface this story by saying my conflict lies within the simple fact that I feel torn between my home and the shop, despite an incredibly supportive family I feel as if my heart has been so focused on the shop that I have lost sight of my home, things are constantly a mess, I'm not organized which drives me insane which in turn is taken out on those who mean the most and there are piles of stuff needing my attention everywhere. My soul continues to tell me that despite the need to be creative my heart belongs at home.)
So, my light bulb moment or lack there of came as quite a shock!
I arrived home from my big girl job Tuesday evening to find that our home was completely dark, and a little chilly.
Using my cell phone to shine enough light to find some candles. My first call was to my husband who asks, "did you pay the bill?".....................long next call was to the electric company, and for the amount of $71.00 that I somehow forgot to pay, without warning they shut our electric off!!!
Can you do this without warning? Informed they do not leave messages on an answering machine in regards to a shut off, therefore if you work between the hours of 8 & 4:30 you are S.O.L in this department.
I make a payment over the phone, plea with the not so nice and or not so understanding customer service rep to hear: "it will be turned on in the next 24 hours!" The fact that it is 31 degrees outside has no bearing on this policy what so ever. In the flickering candle light strewn about the house we decide that David still has time to make it to Lowe's before closing for a generator.
Thank God for a handy husband! Thank God for an understanding family! Thank God for my sign!
(I will be the first to admit that sometimes I need to be hit over the head to drive the point home)
What was confirmed:
My home is where my heart needs to be!!!!
What was decided:
On the 19th of each month we will spend from 7pm to 10pm in the dark!!!!
there is something magical about candle light and quiet
What is meant to be:
Will be!!!!
Let 2010 unfold
For now I am


Christina said...

Oh no! Hey it happens to the best of us...I have had the electric co leave a "love" note on my door before to pay or else. Poor thing, LOL Didn't know they could turn it off in the winter though.

The Feathered Nest said...

That's happened to us too Erica!!! So are you keeping your shop? It's hard sometimes to balance it all....I cherish all of the treasures you sent me sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

George said...

Hang in thre Erica. Your shop is wonderful ( We visited Columbus Day weekend). It's hard to balance a full time job, your shop which is a labor of love but still a labor, and the most important things your home your hubby & son. You will be led to the right decision. You will be in our Prayers. Wishing you a wonderful 2010.

George & Joan Ward