Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jersey Girls...Aiding and abedding an addict!

For those of you that know me, you know that I have a few addictions, not harmful per se but addictions just the same.

Mannequins are currently topping the list. Any shape and size, old or new, tattered or glitzy I love them all!


This weekend I got to do a little shopping with my BFF and sister-in-law in N.J. We happened into this lovely manni with a touch of the sparkle, had a good laugh, oohed and aahed, and I passed her by (can you imagine?) . Once back at their house, I couldn't get her off my mind, exclaiming my love, trying to convince myself that I needed her. I then mentioned this to my husband, who responded, "Didn't you just get a mannequin?" (of course I did). Trying to gain his approval, I replied "not like her, she's new, and ON CLEARANCE!, oh aaand she has the cutest rubydooby beads hanging on her." (you know this means nothing to him) He tries one more time to remind me that frugality during these times is oh so important, "Why put another thing in the shop that's not for sale?" I had already stopped listening, my need won out over frugality. Not to mention my favorite Jersey girls were egging me on (my oldest niece has the same fondness for the sparkle that her momma and I do). So, with out further ado:

This is M. Rosee perfectly perched in the window

of the shop. (her name stands for Maddy, Rob, Olivia, Sara, Emily, Erica, the first initial of my nieces, son, sister-in-law and myself) I definitely needed her don't you think?

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September said...

Oh... My dear Sweet Millie, and my friend, M. Rosee... I LOVe your new home.. ahhemmm,,, I mean, BLOG!! It is fantastic, and I want to be a "follower!" Where can I hook up to do this?
AWESOME design, and great posts!