Monday, June 29, 2009

Mad Hatters Tea Party, a success!

I'm excited to report that the Mad Hatter's Tea Party was a big success! I'm not the only gal in town who loves to wear a good hat!!!! (OK maybe I am, most people said they would do whatever needed to get 20% off.)
This is my overly embellished beauty!

My sweet friend Vanessa and her pal.
My most endearing bestest friend, Gail. (She wouldn't be caught dead in anything foofy, we are polar opposites, yin and yang but never the less BFF.)My SIL Jill and sweet lil' niece Miley, they bought a lovely iron bed, shabby away girls!!!
My MIL, Beth scooped up those kiddie soda chairs. We have a fondness for the pastel in life!
My Mama, can't you see where I get it!!!!!!
The lovely Carolsue, she has a terrific B&B in Montour Falls, she always has me on the look out for goodies.
Ms. Lant, her family has a wonderful dairy farm up the hill from the shop and the yummiest honey ever!A new friend, sent by Carolsue, she made her hat out of paper. Cute as can be...

The favors... Hand stamped filled with lavender.
I missed the photo-op of my neighbor and friend Kelly, she looked buff and beautiful as usual and she brought a sweet new friend Gretchen. And many more I didn't snap in the commotion, but thank you all so much for stopping by, shopping and wearing your hats!!!

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mom said...

What a fun time at the Tea Party. New treasures and new friends. Your Hat was a work of art as usual lots of sparkle and imagination. Every day brings such wonderful things from the gift embellishments to the special little bags of lavender with the sweetest pictures on them. Can't wait to see whats next.