Saturday, August 1, 2009

Class is in...

This past Tuesday I taught my first non-nursing class!!!
I was nervous, excited, worried, excited, freakin' out, excited, you get the idea.

...But as I began gathering supplies from my studio trying to keep within Lindsey's Wedding theme and colors I began to notice that the doo-dads in and of themselves were beautiful, falling together in a natural stream of simplicity, putting my nerves somewhat at ease. Take a look:

Lindsey is getting married in the fall and has wonderfully creative ideas, a girl after my own heart, so our goal was to antique and embellish photo frames to use as table markers for her guests. As you can see even Dollar Store frames with a little love and glitz can become the sweetest works of he"art".

Thanks for a fun night girls!!!

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Jen R. said...

I love looking at those things! What treasures in those pictures! It looks like fun!