Monday, August 17, 2009

Out and About...

The road to Madison Bouckville was long and hot but sooooooooooooo worth it...

Over 1,000 vendors very diverse, but for me there were 3 stand outs this trip:


French Vanilla

So visually appealing, so French and the owner of the booth Peg Van Dyne was lovely.



Beth Cunningham has terrific packaging, great, inexpensive soldered charm jewelery, pendants, vintage typewriter key bracelets, lavender, the sweetest ephemera packets. This is were I spent the most money. ( Just for me!!!)

Denise Russo, from New Castle, PA

She was very helpful when asked, What's it like to do shows?" Just in case I may head down that road?????

Her booth was so shabby, so me!!!!

Loved it!


Christina said...

So jealous! I had planned on going, but everyone backed out on me because of the heat and wanted to go swimming instead. I should have went without them. It looks like it was a great time with some amazing things

Tami said...

Oh, I'm soooo bummed I had to work this weekend! You...found some cool dealers. I haven't been inside the show in years, instead, sticking to walking through 'town'...which, if done right can take an entire day;-)

Thanks for the pics of the show and stopping by my blog!
Tami E.