Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Friends are hard to find...

Here's the story:
In the Nursing home where I worked before shop life, there was a girl to which I refer to as, "Debbie-doodle-hopper", (for those of you that don't know me well, I tend to make up names for people, things, tools, your usual everyday life stuff, the longer your around me the easier it is to understand to what it is I'm talking about, hence the name above) any ways...Debbie-doodle-hopper is a fellow junk aficionado, collector of things, obsessor of decorating much like myself, I happened to mention I have a penchant for Mannequins, low and behold doesn't this gem get delivered to me by my BFF, not an aficionado shall we say, after a luncheon at of all places the Country Club (No, neither of us are members by any stretch, but that's a whole other story...) I squealed loudly, with joy, I do believe the fella's on the 8th hole were perplexed as I scooped and danced my way back to the car with this baby. My BFF shaking her head asking, "What the ....never mind I know you love it!"
And love it I do!!!!
My plan is to make her look very vintage, neutral beige, French stamps etc.
Let the fun begin...

Even my sweet pooch ('Cuse) to which I refer to as Dolly or Dolly-pop, again with the nicknames, wanted in on the action!!! She is very prissy and loves to stick her fat head in a good photo-op, usually I edit her out but they both looked so cute, good thing she's a quick ol' gal, or she may get added to my vintage make-over list...

Thanks Deb!

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